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Your Rights

Your Rights
Your Rights and the Complaint and Appeal Process

You have the right to dignity and respect, and to register complaints and appeals and exercise your full due process regarding services provided by ADRC. The Complaint/Appeal Process walks you through the steps when initiating a complaint or appeal.

Privacy Practices Regarding Protected Health Information

ADRC adheres to the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This notice describes how we may use or share your protected health information and explains your rights to access and amend your personal health information.

You ...

... have the right to be told about the services available at the ADRC.

... have the right to get information, referrals, and assistance from the ADRC, in order to learn about are resources and enroll in the services and programs for which you qualify.
... have the right to have friends, family members, or any others you choose, help in your contacts with the ADRC.
... have the right dignity and respect, fair and equitable treatment, and freedom from discrimination.
... have the right to confidentiality and privacy of information and to have access to such information. Your records will not be released to individuals or agencies without your permission.
... have the right to special equipment or services to help you have equal opportunity to benefit from the services of the ADRC, for example, an interpreter or taped material.
... have the right to a fair and equitable way to file and resolve complaints and the right to have someone help you with the process. If you are dissatisfied, ask any ADRC staff to explain how to exercise your right to file a complaint.